Churches Plant Churches

If a Church is going to be a biblical church, then it must follow the Bible in its beliefs, in its message, and in its function. When it comes to how Churches should be started, the Bible gives us very clear instructions and examples on how it was done during the New Testament and, therefore, how it should be done today. The first church we see in the New Testament came from Jesus and His disciples, and it was what became settled in Jerusalem and soon blossomed in growth following the empowerment Jesus promised His followers by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The Church in Jerusalem, a while after the day of Pentecost, sent one of the faithful members who was a trusted and respected man of God that was yielded to the Spirit of God, out to see where believers had gathered and needed Churches organized. Barnabas found a group of believers in Antioch that were in need of help in establishing a church and developing ministry to grow believers, so he did what he was sent to do. In helping these believers, Barnabas knew he could get more done for God’s glory with help from another servant of the Lord by getting Saul to join him in this endeavor with the Lord. After a few years of their ministry with this Church body, the Holy Spirit of God called them to go and repeat the same process in other places out of the Church in Antioch. This is how God’s Word records the first implementation of Church planting in the early beginnings of Church history. Since this is how God led His children to do this part of His work on earth, then this is how God wants it to be done still today. If we are going to be a biblical Church and participate in biblical Church planting, then we need to follow the strategy outlined by God in His Word. In the Bible, local Churches plant local Churches, not individuals or denominational headquarters. In fact, you do not see any denominational headquarters in the Bible, nor do we see one Church telling another Church how they should run their ministry. In the Bible, Jesus is the head of local Churches and He instructs the leadership and the people how He wants that Church to achieve His will. Last week we had the Pearlstein family who have been sent out of their home Church to plant another Church in the Seattle area. During our Missions Revival, we will have the Smith family who is being sent out of Harvest Baptist Church in in Medford, OR, to plant a new Church in Grants Pass, OR. Even though those Churches are doing this work of reproducing these Churches, our Church can support them through prayers and financial investments to help achieve God’s will here on earth through these Churches of His. This is the biblical pattern of Church Planting and a process we should always be engaged in for God’s glory.