Christ is Still Building His Church

I am thankful that our Lord is still at work here at Summerville Baptist Church. I am also thankful that our present ministry has many things that are continuing on from our beginning days as a church. This church was birthed as a result of ministering to children, and today we are still working to minister to children. This past Wednesday, we had 20 children in our Children’s class and there were 12 in our youth group meeting. Twenty of those 32 rode one of the buses to church. We also began a new children’s ministry this fall, and we had 20 children take part in the After-school Bible Club in Elgin this past week. Vacation Bible School was part of the origin of this church, and this year we had a wonderful week of VBS. If a church is going to have a positive future, it must minister to every age group in each stage of life. I praise the Lord that we had 27 adults take part in our midweek services, and several of those were young adults. We had several senior adults put together 200 mailers for Jewish Outreach. God wants His churches to share the Gospel with everyone, minister to anyone who is interested, and seek to draw whoever is willing to come closer to the Lord in relationship and intimacy. Christ will bless and build churches that are being faithful to His Word, submitting to His preeminence, and being empowered by His Spirit. The future of this world is not looking good, but the future of the Lord’s church in this place and any place is very bright as we honor our Lord, His Word, and His work here on earth. We need to continue being a church that is preaching the Word of God, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and reaching out to the lost to invite them to know Jesus as personal Saviour. We need to seek the Lord’s will in every decision, keep pressing forward to make more of a righteous difference in our world, and stick to God’s plan for His children recorded in His Word. I hope that we will all do our part to help the future of the Lord’s church be bright and to see God keep doing great and mighty things in this place.