Christ, Christian, Christmas

What do these three words have in common? The answer is “Christ!” You cannot really have the second and third without the first. You cannot be a true Christian without trusting in Christ. The word Christian is in reference of a true follower of Christ; therefore, you cannot be a true Christian if you are not following Jesus Christ as your Saviour. You cannot have any Christians without Christ. And without Christ there are no Christians. Christ is inseparable from Christian, not only as a word, but also as a reality in any person’s life. No person can truly be a Christian if they do not believe in who Christ is and what He has done for them in His death, burial, and resurrection. Even as saved, born again believers in Christ, we really need to be following Christ in our living of life to truly match the meaning of the word Christian. This is also true of Christmas. You do not truly have Christmas without Christ. You can have Happy Holidays without Christ, and you can have winter solstice without Christ, but you cannot have Christmas without Christ. Christ coming to earth from Heaven is what a Christian is celebrating at Christmas. The incarnation of Messiah coming to be God’s sacrifice for our sins is the focus of a Christian’s celebration of Christmas. Every aspect of Christmas traditions can help us see truth about Christ if we want to focus on Christ. The evergreen tree reminds me of eternal life that we have in Messiah as our Saviour. The lights we decorate with remind me that Christ is the Light of the world that “lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” The gifts that we give to our loved ones reminds me of the gift of God that is eternal life through receiving Christ as our personal Saviour by faith. Celebrating the fact that Messiah has come, that God fulfilled His promises prophesied in the Old Testament about sending His only begotten Son in to the world to be the Lamb of God that takes aways the sin of the repentant sinners is something that a Christian can truly do as one who knows Christ as their Saviour. Christmas, Christian, Christ have one thing in common and that is Christ. Christ is why I celebrate Christmas and this is why I am a Christian.