Choose You This Day

Today is decision day. For a month I have been asking every person in the Lord’s church here at Summerville to pray and seek the Lord’s direction on your Faith Missions giving for the coming year. Today we begin to each cast our vote in regard to the World Evangelization Ministry of the Lord’s church here in this place. Our decision today will either be a vote to make progress in our Missions Outreach worldwide, to stay stagnant, or to become less. We need every person involved in this decision as a church family. God wants every one of His children in every one of His churches to be faithfully and regularly involved in using their gifts in ministry, engaged in intimate worship, giving financially in tithes and offerings, sharing the Gospel personally, and helping others spread the Gospel in every place to every person worldwide. No one person can do everything in giving or serving, but every person should do their part to help their church be faithful to the Lord. God will speak and direct the heart of any of His children who are willing to listen to Him, trust what He says, and obey what He says. This is exactly how any person is saved. They must hear the Gospel, trust the Gospel, and obey the Gospel. The same is true for any Christian to live the Christian life successfully and victoriously. We must hear God speak to us from His Word as His Spirit moves in our hearts, then we must trust what He says believing He will help us obey Him and bless us for obeying Him, but then we must act on our faith by obeying what He says. I am praying for each person in our church family to cast their vote by receiving, filling out, and returning their Faith Missions Giving response card. I pray that we will each do the part that God wills for us to do in voting to help our church make progress in our part in the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am praying that we will be part of God doing great and mighty things in His church here at Summerville through our obedience to His answer to our prayers for His will.