Choose Life

This past summer, the Supreme Court reversed the Roe decision of 1973 in the Dobbs case that was before them. Their decision put the matter of abortion legalization or banning back to the state level, which is where it had been before the Roe decision that made a federal ruling to legalize abortion everywhere. At first it was very restricted but, as we all know, due to the pushing of the matter by the liberal agenda, abortion was allowed on demand, at any stage of pregnancy, and for any reason–even to the point of after the baby was born it could be allowed to die. As always, the liberal media demonizes those who are pro-life and makes all pro-death supporters out to be victims of the wrath of the pro-life supporters. The organization NARAL, which stands for National Abortion Rights Action League, put out a report of the Senators and Representatives in the 2020 Congress regarding their views on abortion. Every Democrat and Independent in both Houses of Congress were supported by NARAL for their support of abortion and most of them were 100% supported by NARAL in this report. The exact opposite was true of the Republican seats in both Houses of Congress. Every Republican was opposed by NARAL in this report and most of them were opposed 100% because of their strong support for the life of the unborn. This was the first time in the history of this debate since 1973 that every Democrat and Independent supported the right to kill unborn children and every Republican supported the respect, value, and protection of the unborn human life. To my understanding, this was still true before the last election. The left wants to call it a reproductive health issue of the mother over the value of the unborn child’s life. But the reality is that every abortion practice has potentially severe, negative effects to the reproductive system of the mother that chooses to terminate her pregnancy. I am thankful for the privilege Teri and I have had over the years to help young women who realized they were not able to raise the child they were expecting, but valued the life of that child enough to carry them to full term, give birth to them, and place their child by adoption into the care of a Christian couple that desired to have children and could not. God is always on the side of life and Satan is always on the side of death and destruction. God’s children today cannot be unsure of their position on the issue of life. This political battle for life is not over and in every liberal state in America, like ours, it still has not even been won. We need to continue holding our elected officials accountable for their position on life and letting them know what our position is based on the truth of God’s Word. We must use our voice to support the voiceless life of unborn humans that are just as much created in the image of God as any of us alive today.