Choices Determine Outcomes

The sum of our lives is the result of the choices we make. Our choices determine how we live and how we live determines the product of the days of our lives lived here on earth. We choose the directions we head in life, the people we live our lives with, and the things we value in life. We choose to submit to authority or to rebel against it. We choose to obey instruction or to disobey even direct commands. We choose the things we watch and the things we pay attention to from the information that inundates our mind every day. We choose many of the things that define who we are, how we live, what we believe, and the impact we will leave on this world once we are gone from it. There are many statements in the Bible in which we are challenged to make choices in regard to shaping and directing the outcome of our lives. Even in the experience of a relationship with God, our choices determine our outcome. We choose to the call upon the Lord for Salvation or not to, we choose to believe on Jesus based on the Gospel message or reject it, and we choose the eternal life He offers us, or we do not. Even as a true believer in Christ as Saviour, it is our choices that largely shape the outcome of our relationship with Him in our lives. We choose to pray or not to pray, to read our Bible or not to, to memorize Scriptures or not to, and to participate in worship or not to. It is the choices we make in these areas that will either help us grow as a child of God or make us anemic spiritually. Most of you chose to gather in this place today, but even if someone else chose for you to be here; you ultimately choose if you will truly worship the Lord while you are here. Even if you chose to come into this place at this time, you still have to choose if you will truly worship the Lord while you are here. We make many choices that determine the outcome of our lives; therefore, we need to choose well. God and His Word challenges us to choose Him, choose His truth, choose His lifestyle, choose His eternal home, choose to follow him and His will for our lives, and choose to live to His glory while here on earth.