Celebrating the First Coming of Messiah

This is literally what we do each year as we recognize the Christmas season. Celebrating and remembering is what people do when something monumental has taken place. Is anything much more monumental than God’s fulfilment of sending the Messiah that He had His prophets record about in the Old Testament? If Messiah did not come, then we would not have any forgiveness of our sins nor would we have the promise of eternity in Heaven. As we celebrate Christmas with the lights on our trees, our homes, and our decorations; let us remember that He is the Light of the world. As we buy, wrap, and give gifts to our loved ones and friends; let us remember the greatest gift ever given wrapped in strips of swaddling cloth and the gift of God in eternal life through faith in Jesus as our Saviour. As we decorate our trees for Christmas and look at the beauty of them, let us also remember the old rugged cross that is described as a tree on which Jesus bore our sins to pay the curse of our sins for us. As we feel the love that is being expressed so freely during this wonderful season of celebration, let us think of God’s love shown to us when He gave His only begotten Son to be the Saviour of the world. As we celebrate Jesus’ first coming in these special ways that the Christmas season brings to us, let us also anticipate the second coming of Christ that is also prophesied in the Old Testament. God’s fulfilment of the prophecies of His first coming is a great promise of His complete fulfillment of the prophecies regarding His second coming. The second coming of Christ will usher us to our accountability to our Lord regarding our faithfulness to Him and His will for the lives of His children and our preparation for our accountability is vital for each of us. I think it would help us if we would allow our celebration of His first coming to cause us to prepare ourselves and have anticipation of His second coming to help us bring God the glory He deserves from His children.