Causing Many Thanksgivings unto God

Today we are looking at two passages that speak to the heart of our witness here on earth as children of the living God in Heaven. God has set in motion timeless truths that will always work if we are willing to take part in them. Just like God’s natural laws in His creation will always work and we cannot alter them, it is true of His spiritual laws. A lost person will never get saved without faith in the truth of the Gospel about His redemptive plan only provided in His Son, Jesus Christ. However, they cannot believe in this truth if they do not hear this truth; if they hear it and believe it, then they will be very thankful to God for being cleansed of their sins and delivered from eternity in Hell. Any part you or I had in them coming to this new reality of life and eternity with God by getting the Gospel message to them is part of the cause in their giving thanks to their God. And you, most likely, are going to be giving praise and thanksgiving to God for allowing you to have a part in the process He has ordained, made possible, and promised to bless. It is amazing that we have the capacity to cause others to offer thanks up to God, but it is very true and His Word declares it to be so in many places. Any time we use what God has blessed us with to be a blessing to others then we are engaging in being a cause of praise and thanksgiving to God. And just like we as human parents are overwhelmed with joy in our children when they do well in life, even when we were the ones that made it possible for them to do so, so too is God given joy due to His children when they do well with what He has made possible for them. These spiritual realities are true for every person equally, but so too is the reverse. Every one of us has the capacity to receive good things from God and use it to His glory or to use it for our own self glory. We decide, for ourselves, how we use the benefits God gives to us in life. How we use those gifts will determine if we cause God to be praised and glorified or someone else. May we each here today determine in our own lives to purposefully be the cause of many thanksgivings unto God by using the blessings He gives to us to bless others also.