Cast Your Vote Today!

Today, you cast your vote for your decision regarding God’s will for your involvement and for your church’s involvement in the coming year for worldwide evangelization. Just like the election coming up in which every citizen should make their views known through their vote, today, every church member and faithful attender should also make their views known in regards to God’s will for what He desires for our missions giving in the coming year. We should all vote in the election, and we should vote for candidates and measures that would reflect our beliefs and views on issues and politics in our nation, state, county, and city. We also should vote today in regards to what we believe about the Bible and God’s will regarding spreading the gospel around the world, supporting missionaries, church planters, and missionary projects at home and around the world. Every church member needs to realize that their involvement is their vote. Too many Christians in church vote not to have evening services by their not being involved in those services. We vote not to have special services, evangelistic outreach, or even special Bible studies by not taking part in these events. We need to have more people to cast their vote politically in November, and we need more people to cast their vote today in this matter as well. Paul challenged the church at Corinth to fulfill this grace of giving to missions just like they had fulfilled other matters of the grace of the Lord regarding His will for the church. You need to vote! If every person that attends every one of the Lord’s churches in any place would give to the needs of His church they are part of, then those needs would be met sufficiently according to God’s will. If every person that attends every one of the Lord’s churches in any place would also give to missions, then so many more churches could be planted, so many more missionaries could be supported, and so many more projects could be completed for God’s glory all around the world. I hope you cast your vote today. I hope your vote reflects God’s will for your life in His church.