Building Up In Christ

Last week we took a look at the importance of going down before you go up in the plant world, constructing a building, and in our spiritual life. You must have healthy roots to have a healthy, productive plant. You must have a solid foundation in order to have stable structure that is built up on it. The most stable life for anyone is only built on the most solid foundation, which is Jesus Christ Himself, according to I Corinthians 3. God makes it very clear that He wants each and every one of His children who have been born and adopted into His family by faith in His Son Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour to grow in their faith. I Peter 2:2, II Peter 3:18, and Ephesians 4:15 are just a few Scriptures that make it clear the God states His desire for growth among His children. Building anything well is not done quickly or by taking short cuts. It is not a one and done proposition, but rather something that must be done continually over time. It must be done with consistency- not up and down, hot and cold, or only when in the view of others. If any of us are going to have confidence in our relationship with the Lord, in following our Saviour, and in trusting His Word with confidence, then we must be growing up in the Lord in maturity. If we are going to get to a place where we can chew and digest the challenging meat of the Word of God, then we must grow strong in the Lord and not stay a babe in Christ spiritually. It takes time to grow or build anything up. It takes materials to build a building, and it takes water and light to grow a plant up strong and healthy. Similarly, we need to spend time with the Lord in His Word, in prayer, and in obedience to His will for our lives in order to grow up in Him and become built strongly and stably spiritually. Today, I hope that we will all listen to God and let His Word help us see how we are growing and how we need to grow more in our relationship with Him to be all that He wants us to be for His glory in our lives and for His impact on the world through us.