Building God’s Way

There are many ways to build things. Most auto manufactures build their vehicles with some unique distinctions that identify their make, model, and even era of when they were produced. Even in architecture, there are certain famous designers who always use certain features that are their signature flare to identify their handiwork. Houses also often fit into genres of style that are used to identify them and their design. Not only in the craftsmanship of things but also in the materials used in the construction of things, there are differences in how things are built and what the outcome will be as well as the durability. The fact is no matter what we build, the things that you put into it will influence the outcome of it. In hurricane zones, they have very strict building codes on how buildings are built to hold up under storms. The same is true in seismic areas prone to earthquakes. A house that is not built well for the area it is in will not hold up well in the elements affecting it. These same principles are true in living life as well. The life we live will bring forth an outcome in our experience of life, our end of life, and our eternal destination. The life we live displays the craftsmanship of the builder and the outcome is determined by the materials used in the construction of our life we live. If we live God’s way, it will display His craftsmanship to those around us and identify us as His handiwork. However, if we live according to Satan’s design and the materials of worldliness, then we are displaying his handiwork. If we are a child of God living Satan’s way, then we are presenting a fraudulent representation of who is supposed to be the architect and builder of our lives. God’s building materials for a life and His design are very different from that of Satan, and it should be evident to those around us who is building our life and therefore who we belong to spiritually. God’s Word has God’s design for what He wants the lives of His children to look like to those around us. God’s Word also contains the building materials that God uses in building a life His way. God’s Word actually is one of the great materials that God uses to build our lives to His glory. Being here today, if you are truly engaging in God’s Worship His way, is another one of the building materials that God uses in the lives of His children to build their life to withstand the storms of life and the attacks of the enemy. I hope we all will let these truths impact how we build our lives, making sure we are not only doing it His way but also using the materials that he has specified to be used in building our life and relationships His way.