Being Like Jesus Requires Engaging in the Great Commission

The meaning of Christian is “Christlike one” or “follower of Christ.” There has been a popular slogan among Christians off and on for many decades with the acronym “WWJD” which stands for “What Would Jesus Do” in any given situation. If we are truly going to be a Christian according to the definition of the word, then we must do what Jesus would and do what we see Jesus did recorded in Scripture. Therefore, we must do what Jesus did in the proclamation of the Gospel to the lost who need to hear it. In the Scripture record, we clearly see Jesus sharing the Gospel message of true Salvation to the religious lost in the Temple, Synagogues, among Pharisees, and among Sadducees. We see Jesus sharing the Gospel with the rich and the poor, those in need and those with plenty. We see Him engaging the professionals as well as the servants. We see Him speaking to friends and enemies alike. Everywhere and anywhere, to whoever would listen, and even to many who chose not to listen, He spoke the words the Father gave Him to speak as the representative of God here on earth. If we are truly going to follow Christ as a true Christian, then we must do the same as well. We need to share the Gospel wherever we find ourselves with the opportunity to do so to whomever we might be by at the given moment. If every professing Christian truly followed Christ’s example as recorded in Holy Scripture, then we would have a far greater impact in the world and in the fulfillment of the Great Commission given to every child of God and every biblical Church. If we would actively spread the Gospel where we find ourselves each day and support financially and prayerfully those doing the same in other places, we could truly reach every person in every place with the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ just as we were commanded to do by the One we say we are following by faith.