Available to Whosoever, Applicable to Any Who Will

Today in our journey of looking at the reality of being Rooted in Christ and His Word, we come to the book of Proverbs and learn some details about how God makes His Word and wisdom available to “whosoever.” This word is used 163 times in the Bible. The first is in Genesis 4:15 and the last being Revelation 22:17 -both of which are critical to our understanding of the word and the application of it. In Genesis, it is referencing whosoever kills Cain, meaning any and all, would face judgment from the Lord. God says this applies to anyone, which makes it clear that means any and every one the same, not any in a certain group. In the Revelation passage, it is a call to come unto the Lord. The person that hears and is in need is welcome to come and benefit from what God offers to whosoever freely if they choose to respond. This is God’s mode of operation for His offering to mankind in regards to His Word, His wisdom, and His redemptive grace which He has made available to whosoever. It is only applied to the ones who will come unto Him in faith receiving His cleansing by believing on His provision for our sins through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son as our Saviour. God’s offer and Satan’s offer is made to whosoever. Each one of us have the opportunity and capability of making our own choice as to how we respond to each. We can be receptive to the wisdom of God and reject the foolishness of man or the deception of Satan or vice versa. God has given His Word to whosoever chooses to benefit from it. God sent His Son into the world so that whosoever will believe in Him can be saved from their sins and live eternally with Him. According to James 1:5, we see that God declares that any of His children have the same access to benefit from His wisdom if they desire it, ask for it, and seek it in His Word. God also tells us in His Word in Romans 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” So, it is clear that God makes His truth, His wisdom, His Salvation available to whosoever will make themselves available to it by faith in Him and obedience to His will.