Anchored in Christ

This phrase is found in 77 verses in the King James Bible, and it is the reality of what Salvation is all about. The first use is in Acts 24:24, which tells us that being in Christ requires faith. Faith in Christ is how we partake in Salvation. The final use of this phrase is in I Peter 5:14, which speaks of the peace that is able to be enjoyed and experienced by those who are in Christ. It also speaks of the biblical love or charity that we receive from God by being in Christ and that we need to show unto other people. Being in Christ is what faith in the Gospel makes possible, and there is nothing else that is able to do that for us. No church can put us in Christ. No religious ritual or amount of good works can enable us to be in Christ. No preacher, priest, parents, or even ourselves– no person can place us in Christ. According to II Timothy 2:1, we experience grace from God from being in Christ and this grace strengthens us spiritually and through the challenges of life. II Timothy 3:15 tells us that it is the Word of God that gives us the wisdom and understanding we need to receive God’s gift of Salvation, and it is only through faith in Jesus Christ that we can enter into a relationship with the holy God of Heaven by being in Christ. Being in Christ is the difference. God’s purpose for sending His Son into the earth in human form was so sinners like you and me could be radically changed by being transformed in Christ.
In our Wednesday Bible study in Psalm 78, we discovered that God’s purpose of inspiring and preserving His Word through every generation is so that each and every generation could know God and His greatness and be in God through faith. It is His Word that helps us know we are sinners separated from God and that the only way we can be in a personal, intimate relationship with the holy God of Heaven is to be in Christ. God’s purpose for His church here in Summerville and in every place, is so that people can know Him by receiving Christ into their life and enter into His holy, eternal life with Him and to help others do so as well. God’s purpose for churches supporting and sending out Missionaries to spread the Gospel into all the world is so sinners everywhere can be cleansed of sin by being in Christ. Today, make sure you are in Christ and not deceived by being in religion or some lesser thing. Commit yourself to helping all people in all places know how they can be in Christ too.