Ambassadors for Christ

According to what God’s Word says, any person can be a believer in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour; but they have to hear the Gospel, understand the truth of redemption, and believe on Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. Any person who becomes a believer in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour is made new spiritually in Christ. Their lost condition in sin is changed forever by God’s righteousness making everything new in them through faith in Christ. Every person that is born again spiritually and becomes a child of God by trusting in Christ as their Saviour is reconciled to God in a right relationship with Him as His child. Every person that is reconciled to God by faith in Jesus Christ has been given the ministry of helping others be reconciled to God the same way anyone is. We need to represent our Saviour well while we are here on earth. We need to share His truth with those around us so they know their need due to their sin and God’s solution for their sin, and so they too can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. But helping others hear the truth of how they can be reconciled with the Holy God of Heaven is not merely for us to do for the people around where we live. While we are here on earth, we need to do what Jesus did while He was here by spreading the message of what He came to do for sinners. But there are many more sinners all around the world. The only way we can be God’s representatives of Jesus to those people is by helping the believers who live there or to go there with finances to assist their efforts in those places.  God’s provision for the sins of mankind is sufficient for everyone in every place, as Romans 3:22-23 makes clear. All have sinned, and God’s righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ is unto all and upon all that believe. And according to Romans 10, how can they trust in Him as their Saviour without hearing the truth of their condition and His provision for them? And how can they hear that truth unless someone takes it to them and shares it with them? Our responsibility in the Great Commission, given to us from our Saviour and the command of God in Scripture, is evident to anyone who will be honest with themselves and just read the Bible. The only question is will we hear it, heed it, and be prepared for our accountability to the Lord by taking part in it.