Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord

This is the third aspect of our annual theme from I Corinthians 15:58. We have been looking at being Steadfast and Unmovable in how they feed into each other. In the fact that if I am unwilling to be moved, then it helps me not to be able to be moved in my theology or convictions. In this reality, the only thing that will cause me to adjust is God Himself working in my heart to convict me that I was wrong in a matter, allowing Him to change me and not the wavering whims of our culture or society. However, when it comes to the Northwest Bible Conference and the 29 years that is has been taking place, the fruit of doing what we do out of conviction and the leading of the Lord is about abounding faithfully in the work of the Lord with steadfastness. That is what has been happening in this place for 29 years. Some of the people still doing the work have been doing it steadfastly all of those years, some have been doing it faithfully since they joined the church family, and some other faithful servants have gone onto their reward in heaven after doing what they could while they were here. The steadfastness of God’s people in His church in this place has enabled them to be faithfully abounding in the work of the Lord through the Bible Conference for 29 years, and we praise the Lord for it all. We need all hands-on deck for the Bible Conference again this year to help us as a church family be good hosts to our guests coming this year. We need people purchasing, preparing, and bringing food for each meal. We need workers to set up, keep food on the table, and clean up for each meal as well. We also need people to help with child care with nursery workers for every session, helpers for the Bible lesson time, and the afternoon activity time. And as with everything we do here with the Lord, we need everyone bathing this event in prayer to see the power of God displayed, the love of God experienced, and the glory of honored by all who take part.
Abounding in the work of the Lord is also what made last Sunday so successful with guests from every effort of inviting people, with a wonderful breakfast served to around one hundred people, and new contacts to follow up on for future ministry. Yesterday, just like every month, guests from last Sunday’s services received a visitor bag filled with homemade cookies baked by ladies in our church which were then delivered by other servants of the Lord in His church here who are engaged in faithfully abounding in the work of the Lord, to the glory of the Lord. Every month visitor bags are delivered to our guests.