All Things for Good Romans 8:28-29

We are currently in a situation to display our theology like never before. We need to decide if we really believe the Bible or if we merely say we believe the Bible. Do we really believe that God is able to handle anything that comes our way? Do we truly believe that God is all knowing, all powerful, and all present even in a “pandemic,” or do we just say that because that is what Christians are supposed to say? Do we honestly believe that God is in control ultimately and that He has a plan that He is unfolding through all of this ridiculousness we are experiencing, or is the ideology of random chance and natural selection what we default to in a crisis? It is high time for God’s people to think and act like God’s people and show forth the fact of our faith as we deal with the uncertainties of this life. Are we convinced that our God can supply all our need according to His riches in glory in whatever need we may have? As we are coming out of this crisis it is imperative that we do some evaluation in preparation for the next crisis that is inevitably looming on the horizon for us all. We need to objectively evaluate if we responded to this crisis in faith or in fear and determine why we are coming to the conclusions we draw. We need to spend some time with the Lord to see if He sees some areas in which we could do better in dealing with our next crisis with more faith and a better witness to the lost around us. The reality is that we must be confident that in every situation the Lord is working for our good and for His glory in our lives. Even in the crisis and traumas of life, God has stated and displayed that He is at work in the details of our lives to accomplish over time something that is good for those who love Him and are loved by Him. As a church and as individuals, we need to examine the content of our faith that we are acting in as we go through the challenges of this life because that is the evidence of our faith that people are seeing in our witness. We must take God at His Word even when things do not look clear to us as we are living life. When a pilot cannot see where they are flying, they must learn to trust their instruments in order to fly safely and successfully. For the believer the same is true. We must learn to live life based upon the truth of God’s Word, the guidance of God’s Spirit in us, and what we know to be true about our God in order to successfully navigate the trials and challenges of life here on earth for God’s glory.