All People in All Places in All Scripture

The Holy Spirit is clearly communicating His message to His people in this place. Many weeks ago, the Lord directed in my heart this theme of Every Person in Every Place and to prove that from Old Testament Scriptures, which is very Jewish focused. I have preached from Genesis, Chronicles, Psalms, and Isaiah, which are all Gospel calls including all people in all places. I booked Bro. Chovan for our Misisons Revival several years ago, and the Lord spoke to his heart about preaching from Jonah, who was the Old Testament Prophet sent to the Gentile nation of Assyria. The Holy Spirit is working to convince God’s people in His church here that His desire has always been, and always will be, to reach every person in every place in all the earth with the truth of His love, grace, and mercy toward sinners. This is not just a New Testament idea or a Church Age matter, it has always been God’s plan. In the Old Testament, God used His people, Israel, and gave them instruction to reach out to others with the hope they had in the true God. Today, He is using His churches to do the same. It is our time, in God’s plan of redemption, to take the hope that His people have in their Saviour, Jesus Christ, to every person in every place so they can benefit from the same wonderful blessing of God’s forgiveness. Israel was not highly obedient to God’s plan for them, but it is up to us to do better in our obedience as a church to His will for His people today. We are not responsible for other churches, except to pray for them to be obedient, but we are all completely responsible for our own obedience and our part of the obedience of this church here in Summerville. It is up to us to be obedient to God’s will for us to spread the Gospel to others right here in our valley. It is up to us to obey God’s Word in regard to giving offerings to support missionaries to spread the Gospel to other people in other places. It is up to us to pray to God and seek His direction on what we give and which missionaries we give to help them reach other people in other places around the world. It is not up to us to dream up a better plan; it is up to us to obey God’s plan or choose to disobey. God has declared His plan for worldwide evangelization through His people in His Word in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and now, it is up to us to do what He has declared. This is how God works in every other facet of life as well. He declares His plan in His Word, He tells us it is our responsibility to obey His plan, and then He promises to hold us accountable for our part in fulfilling His plan. I hope we are all listening to what God is trying to get our attention about.