All Hands on Deck

The Northwest Bible Conference is here once again for the 32nd time. We have many registered attendees already and, as always, we will see many arrive on Monday that we do not know about. We already have several people registered who are attending for the first time, as well as many coming back to be with us once again. Over the next couple of days, we are going to be hosting a lot of guests, and we need to all do our part to be good hosts. We need to be welcoming to our guests. We need to feed our guests. We need to care for the children of our guests. We will need nursery workers to care for the little ones, as well as helpers in the children’s and teen’s programs on Tuesday morning. I would love to see 100% of our church family helping in ministering to our guests, but I also would love to have everyone also benefiting from the preaching of the Word of God during the conference. God has blessed this meeting in incredible ways over the years, and we pray for Him to do it again this year. God has worked in the hearts of His people in great ways through the preaching of His Word in this meeting, and we are praying for Him to do it again this year. It is a wonderful privilege for our church family to be used of God in this way to encourage and to bless His servants and His children in other churches all over the Northwest. We have spent a lot of time talking about this event, planning for this event, and praying over this event; now it is time to be available to see what God is going to do through His church in this place in His people who gather together here. Please join me in praying for many needs to be met through our Tuesday morning fundraising aspect of this conference. Satan is already working hard to interfere with what God wants His people to experience and enjoy with Him in His worship and the fellowship of His children gathering together in His house. I want to encourage each of you here today to make yourself available to have God use you to His glory through serving in the ministry of this event and being part of the services for the worship of the Lord.