All Gave Some, Some Gave All

As we pause to remember the sacrifices that have been made over the past to secure and protect our freedoms, I wish to encourage you to consider the cost of what has been paid for us to enjoy the life we live in our nation. The cost that has been paid by our service men and women over the years in battles, in service, and in training is deserving of a bit of time invested by us. I would like to encourage you to consider investing a bit of your time attending a memorial service tomorrow in recognition of the sacrifices that has been made for us to enjoy this holiday in peace. We have two such services in our valley that you have the opportunity to attend. The first is at Summerville Cemetery and the second is in LaGrande at Grandview Cemetery, and you can find the details for them both in your bulletin this morning. As we recognize Memorial Day, we recognize the brave men and women who wore the uniform of our armed forces and put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of their nation, their fellow citizens, and their family. We think of the sacrifices they have all made to serve in our nation’s military, but especially of those who gave all in the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. The ultimate sacrifice was the origination of this day of remembrance, and it should still be our focus once again in this generation. Far too many Americans take this day for granted and think of it merely as a day off of work, as a national holiday, or for a good excuse to invite family and friends over for a BBQ. Please do not be that person who does not give a thought to the sacrifices made by others to enable us to enjoy the freedoms we have. Can you imagine what our nation would be like if one of our enemies had defeated us in the battles we have engaged in over the years? How different things would be for us all if Germany or Russia or Japan or any other country had won past wars over America and the allied forces who had united with us. We need to pray that Russia is defeated in what is happening in Ukraine. If China chooses to follow their example and invade Taiwan, what will be next? As we remember the sacrifices of the past, let us also pray for the safety of those who serve today as well. I am also thankful for the event of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Saviour that every biblical church is called upon to remember in memorial through both ordinances that biblical churches are authorized and mandated to exercise. Join together in remembering the sacrifices made for us as we observe this Memorial Day weekend.