Action Does Not Determine Effectiveness

I am not sure about you, but for me I have experienced the reality of this truth in many different ways in my lifetime. Rocking in a rocking chair creates a lot of action; however, you do not make any progress if you are trying to get from point A to point B, unless the progress you are trying to make is to help a wee one fall to sleep. If you are really successful, you may even get a bit of a nap as well. If you have ever high centered your vehicle in the snow, then you know exactly what I am talking about. The action of your tires spinning does not determine the progress of your vehicle moving at all. The effectiveness of progress in many things is determined by the effectiveness of the action. If our action is not effective, then there will not be much if any progress being made by the action. When it comes to being engaged in the Great Commission and the ministry of God on earth through His people in the churches of Christ, this is equally as true. Action in and of itself does not determine progress or effectiveness in accomplishing the goal of spreading the Gospel or doing ministry to God’s glory. Our action must be effective in order for progress to be achieved in getting the job done well and God being glorified as well. If we as believers in a local church are going to make progress in being effective in our ministry here locally and our participation in worldwide evangelization, then we must make sure our action is thoroughly biblical and truly bringing glory to God. We must do His work His way according to His Word if we are going to enjoy His blessings on our efforts so that we can be most effective in making progress in God’s goals of doing His ministry. If we are going to be a biblical church that is being blessed of the Lord in doing His ministry, then we must make sure we are merely spinning our wheels in doing action without being effective in making progress. Last week we spent both services in John 15 looking at the reality of how to be Rooted in Christ’s Mission and what exactly Christ’s Mission is for us. This week we are going to spend both worship services looking at I Thessalonians 2 to discover how to best be effective in being Rooted in Christ’s Mission so that we are making progress. Similar to last week, we will see once again this week that if we focus our attention on our part of the equation, God is always faithful to do the part we cannot do in accomplishing His work here on earth. We sow the Gospel seed and water it with His Word and in prayer, but only He can give the increase. We abide in Him and let His Word abide in us and He produces His fruit to be born out in our lives so others can see His glory. We need to focus our attention and energy in our function in His plan and let Him create the productivity that He is glorified in most.