A Time to Remember

This week, nineteen years ago, I was stunned to watch our nation being attacked by high jacked commercial airliners used as weapons of mass destruction by Islamic Jihadists terrorists who had infiltrated our country. My heart ached for the fear that must have been experienced by those who were facing these horrific events first hand. I was deeply saddened by the devastating loss that so many families were impacted with by the multiple attacks on that single day. I was overwhelmed by massive displays of heroism that we saw by first responders desperately trying to be a solution to the immense devastation that was taking place. In later days, we heard story after story of amazing efforts by many to come to the aid of their fellow man or to try to thwart the efforts of the terrorists. We were blessed by the extreme measures taken by our nation’s leaders to make decisions in an effort to keep any further attacks from taking place and to keep other Americans safe in a very fluid and evolving day of terror in our nation on our own soil. I was blessed to see our politicians set aside their differences and unite together for the good of the citizens of our nation, which is what they are supposed to always be doing as representatives of us. I was blessed by the people of our land being kind to one another because of our shared concern for our nation as a whole. The color of your skin or your political leanings mattered not, being a fellow human and fellow citizen is all that mattered. I was blessed by our leaders singing “God Bless America” together on the steps of the Capitol Building in DC and their appeals to every American to pray for our nation. I was amazed at the volumes of people who flooded churches on the following days to pray, and especially on the next Sunday to worship the Holy God of Heaven to seek His intervention for our nation. The infamous days of great tragedies and great victories that have made our nation what it is must never be forgotten by the citizens of our land. I, for one, refuse to allow a handful of revisionists to succeed in rewriting the narrative of our nation’s history to fit their personal ideology without some push back on my part. In Ecclesiastes 3, we are told, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” and for this week and many other weeks in our calendar, it is a time to remember and never forget the cost of our freedom and the reality of how easy it is to lose it if we are not careful. We must never forget the evil of hatred in every form and the heroes who serve for our protection every day.