A Time for Everything

Most of us live very busy lives. Many of us over extend our schedules at times or regularly and we feel that we do not have time to fit everything into our day. However, God’s Word says, in Ecclesiastes 3 that we looked at a few weeks ago, that there is a time for everything. If we will let God help us use His wisdom and direction in our scheduling of events and pay attention to details in our time management, we can find greater success in this reality of having a time for everything. God’s Word says He can help us experience this truth of His in our lives. Over the past few weeks, I have been made painfully aware of this once again, and I am thankful for God’s patience with me as His child in teaching me these principles. As a church family, we have suffered the loss of several members that we have loved dearly over many years and it causes us great sorrow. However, we have also happily welcomed some newborns, thankfully welcomed into our services some new attendees, and also welcomed into our lives many new faces this year; we are thankful for each one. In my personal family, we have had the joy of welcoming two new babies born into our lives this year, but we also lost the patriarch of our family with my Dad dying in a sudden way just two weeks ago today. In all of these events, I have been reminded of the preciousness and fragility of life. I have experienced the great joys and sorrows associated with life in relationship with others. I have been reminded significantly about how critical it is to touch and impact the lives of others in positive and eternal ways while we are here on this earth. I also have been made painfully aware of the fact that when God gives you opportunities to relate with others seize that moment in time because you never know when it will be your last. I have believed this principle and sought to live by it for many years; all of life is made up of relationships that we need to enjoy and engage in well. Our eternal destiny is dependent on being engaged in a real relationship with our Creator and the only true God of eternity. Even the way we enter life is in the context of family relationships and throughout life we all will have many relationships of varying levels. And in eternity we will give an account to God for the relationships we have had and how we engaged in them in an eternal way. So, my friends, the next time you get a call from a loved one and you think you are too busy but God says take the call, I advise you to take it. The next time the Holy Spirit tells you to reach out to someone personally and by phone or text or email, do it. The next time God burdens your heart to repent of sin to someone or give thanks for someone blessing your life, don’t put it off for another time. The next time God tells you to speak a witness of the Gospel or a promise of His Word to another person, do not talk yourself out of it and rationalize to yourself as to why that person may not want you to, just go ahead and honor God in reaching out to that person. God put you here to have an impact in the lives of others for His glory and for their good so make sure you achieve that purpose while you are here on earth to save you the regret later in life or even in eternity. The next time you say good bye to someone you care about, make sure you tell them that you love them, because it may be your last opportunity.