A Rollercoaster of Emotions

This week has been a week of emotion for me personally. I have been filled with sadness and anger as I have watched the news of the evil invasion of a sovereign nation by Vladimir Putin. My heart breaks to hear of Russian soldiers expressing their grief over what they are being forced to do by the dictatorial leader of their nation. He lied to them about going on a training mission when his intent was always to invade a land of innocent people just because he can and no one is stopping him. I have been angered over the late and insufficient action of our president and any political leaders to sanction Putin and aid the Ukrainian military, both of which should have been done weeks ago in the opinion of many who know more about these things than I do, but I fully agree. My heart breaks seeing innocent civilians of Ukraine being killed and hearing President Zelensky begging the world to stand up against the bully of Europe. My heart has been saddened as I think of the future of our brothers and sisters in Christ in both of these nations who most likely are facing great oppression and even more persecution in the days ahead if things do not change. But at the same time this week, I have been greatly blessed in the time I have spent in the Word of God and doing the ministry God has called me to do. I have been blessed ministering in the lives of children, teens, and adults with the Word of God through this week in our church family and beyond our church family, which gives me great fulfilment personally and hope for the future of God’s will on earth. It is time for us to seek God for revival in our world and for peace in Ukraine! It is time for us to stand with peace loving people and against the tyranny of evil! It is time for us to step up and do what we can to help those in their time of deep need and tenderness to eternity!