A Good Father

If you are a child of God, then you have the best father you could ever have. Every child of God has the best example of a parent that anyone could ever have or want. No child of God can use the excuse of their father or the way their parents raised them to excuse their own poor parenting or dysfunctional living. Every believer in Jesus Christ has a father in Heaven that is always good in all that He does. He is loving, kind, gracious, compassionate, and helpful to us. He is also a father that says no about some of our wants and desires. He also has rules, restrictions, and expectations for our lives. In God, we have a father that will lovingly discipline us for our own benefit if we make choices in life that violate His expectations and fail to respond obediently to His verbal reminders. Part of the decline of our society is fatherless children. Far too many men are fathering children but not nurturing them and training them to live life well or to be prepared for eternity with God as their Heavenly Father. Much of the antisocial behaviors that we are seeing in the news and much of the draw to gangs or mob involvement is due to the lack of wholesome influence from a biblical father following the example of their Heavenly Father. We need men of God who will be man enough to fulfill God’s will for their lives here on earth. We need men who will honor God in their lives and influence others to do the same. We need men who will lead the way for younger men and boys to be able to follow in being men of God. We need men of God who will lead their families in the way God directs and will lead by example. We need men who will follow God’s example of fatherhood and not the leading trends of humanistic psychology of the day. We need men who will walk with God in His Word each day and who will seek Him for their guidance in the challenges of life to benefit from His help in their lives. We need men who will honor God in worship on the Lord’s Day and every other day as well. We need more men who will make the true God of the Bible the Lord of their life, not their favorite hobby or entertainment. We need men who are engaged fathers that give their children the attention they need doing activities that grow them into adults and not always looking at a screen of some sort. Christian fathers should be good because our Heavenly Father is a good, good father to all His children.