Being Who We Are Determines Doing What We Do

 Have you ever had anyone ask you why you did a certain thing? I have had that happen in regard to living life and serving the Lord on several different occasions, and I think how we answer that question really defines our beliefs. If someone asked you why you go to church when you do, how would you answer them? Would you say something to the effect of “well that is just what we do” or “that is how we were raised” or “because there is nothing better to do.” I truly hope your reasons run deeper than these answers. How about saying, “I worship because I am a worshipper.” That is the right answer. We do the action of worship of the reality of who we are as God’s creation and His redeemed children. We were created as worshippers. Everyone worships something or someone; it is just different for us all based on what we believe to be true. God wants us to worship Him, but He does not remove all other possible objects of worship that people choose to worship, because He wants us to worship Him willingly as His children and His creation. You see, who we are should determine why we do the action of worship. The same is true about serving the Lord. Why does a person spend their time and energy in the Lord’s service? If the answer is to impress God or to manipulate God or to earn favors with God or even to earn our way into Heaven, then those are all the wrong reasons according to the Bible. Those answers all reflect the philosophies of the world and man’s religions, but they do not reflect the truths of Scripture. The biblical reason for serving the Lord is because I am a servant. He created me to serve Him, He gifted me to serve Him, and He gave me an example in His service to me as my Saviour from sin. So, I do the action of service because of who I am in Christ. If we get this backwards, then we are all messed up. Our doing does not make us who we are, but rather our doing and why we are doing it is based on who we are and what we believe about who we are. Why does a person cheat, steal, kill, commit fornication or adultery, or become a drunkard to alcohol or drugs? The reality is that their thinking about who they are is flawed because their belief about who they are is flawed and, therefore, their activity as who they are is very destructive personally and relationally. Let us all seek to be who God wants us to be through knowing what He wants us to know from His Word, so we can do what God wants us to do for His glory in obedience to His Word.