Why Am I Here?

This is a question that people have been asking from the beginning of time. It is a good question to ask ourselves in a variety of applications. It is a vital question to help us understand purpose, to determine function, and to measure success. If we do not know why we are in a certain place, then how will we know what we are to be doing while we are there? This is why most positions of employment have a job description to help the worker know why they are in their position and what they are supposed to do in that position. Understanding purpose is also a vital part of evaluating our accomplishment in our function to know if we are serving our purpose well or not. This is a question that is significant to be asked regarding our employment, but also in each stage of life. There are different functions we have as children, then as young adults, middle age, or even in our senior years. It is also a valuable question to ask in relationships. What does God want me to accomplish as a friend to different people, as a spouse to the one I married, as well as being a parent. It is an important question to even ask as a person in a church. As an attender, or member, or even leader, we all have a purpose in being here that God wants each of us to accomplish for His glory. He has gifted us and placed us here to be used by Him to help His church here achieve His will. Satan wins in our lives when we choose not to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. Satan wins in our relationships when we are not purposeful. Satan wins in the church we are part of when we fail to accomplish the purpose God designed us to achieve. Lost souls do not hear the Gospel and, therefore, are not even able to be saved when God’s people do not serve their purpose in spreading the Gospel. Baby Christians fail to get the help they need to grow as they should when older believers do not fulfill their purpose in the lives of these young believers. Most of us have heard the quote, “Only one life will soon be passed, only what’s done for Christ will last.” We need to know our purpose in life in order to achieve our purpose in life while we are living the life we have. James 4:17 would be pertinent to read now.