What Difference Are You Making?

God call us to make a difference in our world during the time we are here on the earth. Every person that lives on the earth has some level of impact on their family, community, and society. The question is how much of a difference and what kind of difference is being made by our influence? Some people make a negative difference in the world by having an adverse impact making things worse not better. This is not the kind of difference God wants His children to make during their time living on earth. God wants the difference we make to be honoring to Him and helpful to others. He wants the difference we make to be positive, righteous, and in accordance with His Word. Whatever is tossed into a pond or puddle causes a ripple. No matter how small it may be. The size of the object only determines the size of the disturbance. Anything that moves across a body of water causes a wake, whether it be large or small. Every person who lives upon the earth has an impact during the time they live. We are told in I Peter 2:21 & I John 2:6 that we are to follow the example that Jesus set for His followers while He was living on earth. The difference God calls us to make as His children is to be of the same sort as that of Jesus when He was here on earth. He made a positive difference. He made an eternal difference. He made a powerful difference. He made a productive difference. He made a righteous difference. We all need to evaluate the difference that we are making with the life that we have been given. We need to examine the kind of difference that we are making. We need to do this to help us be better prepared for giving an account to our Creator for the difference we made while we are judged for the life we have lived.