“We Owe God Everything” Romans 11:33-36

There is nothing that we can offer God that He is not worthy of from us. There is no sacrifice that we can make for God that is too much or unreasonable in light of His greatness. We owe Him everything we are & ever will accomplish. He deserves all glory & thanks for anything we achieve. He has given us life in His creative power. He has given us all of our abilities, skills, and talents to do all that we do and anything we achieve in life. He is also the one that has made redemption possible for any of us who put our faith in Christ alone for our forgiveness and eternal salvation. From birth to eternity, all of it is possible because God has made it so. Therefore, He deserves our praise, our service, our respect, and our submission as our Creator, Provider, and one day our Judge. If materialistic people can sacrifice themselves for their pursuit of fortune, athletes can discipline themselves for stardom, & cult followers can dedicate their time, money, and efforts for religions; then surely the true God of the Bible is worthy of no less from those who claim to know Him, love Him, and follow Him. This week I watched a family over flowing with joy and excitement as they waited to welcome home a young lady who had been gone for two years in Sweden. Family and extended family kept gathering at the airport to welcome home this honored member of their family. They had balloons, banners, signs, and a flower wreath to show their love and thankfulness for their family member. Time past due to delays in the airline which heightened their anticipation. When the young lady came down the hall to meet her greeting committee, there was not a dry eye in the place. The love, dedication, sacrifice, admiration, and appreciation displayed by this family was impressive o tall who were witnesses to the event. The sacrifice of this young lady in the name of religion is noble, but followers of the true Christ, in true faith, in an eternal relationship, ought to cause true believers to be as or more dedicated and willing to make sacrifices in thanksgiving to their Saviour. The honor shown by these people to the respected member of their family is truly an example to follow by any family as to how to show love. God is worthy of our sacrifice of self, time, and money. God is worthy of our glory in loving and showing love to those around us especially in our family and church family. There is nothing too great for us to give to God that He is not worthy of from us.