True Faith From God’s True Word

Romans 10:17

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”


There are many religious books, but only one Holy Bible. There are many angels, visions, or other experiences that cause people to write religious books and start religious institutions; but there is only one God given, God breathed, inspired Scripture given by God’s Holy Spirit to holy men of God to record. God’s Word consists of two Testaments in His Holy Word, because it is based on two Covenants made with man. Those two Covenants build upon one another with the

New being a completer of the old. God’s Word speaks of one faith in one God who expresses Himself in three persons; Father, Son, and Spirit. This one faith from this one God is based on God’s one book, The Bible. It is not a faith in an institution or a dead leader from the past. It is not a faith that is earned or achieved by one’s own personal effort or merit. It is not a faith that is adhered to by quoting some precise words that are memorized in a class or by going through some kind of rituals in a certain way. It is a faith from one’s heart based on the truth of God’s Word in a person in order to establish and grow a personal relationship each and every day of your life while on earth and then continuing in eternity. The person is Jesus Christ, God the Son, who came from the Father in Heaven from eternity and was born miraculously in human form through Mary without a human father. This Man who was the Son of man and the Son of God was the one and only God- man so He alone could be our Saviour. The truest source of information about this Man who could die for our sins, because He was sinless God and therefore could forgive us our sins is found in His book, the Bible. The faith that is needed to truly trust in Jesus Christ to be your own personal Saviour and cleanse you of your own personal sins and change your nature to be like His divine nature is produced only through His Word the Bible. We are so corrupted and depraved because of sin and the sinful influence of this sin filled world that we need God’s Word to give us the faith in order to truly trust in Jesus alone to be our Saviour. So, if your faith is not built upon and based upon God’s Holy Scripture found in the Bible alone, then you may want to examine what God says for Himself about Him, His will, and His Salvation through His only begotten Son, Jesus.