Too Blessed to be Stressed

Many years ago, I saw this written on T-shirts of an entire family who were together for a family reunion. The phrase really caught my attention and was a reality check for me because it was a stressful time in my life. It helped me to remember that, as a child of God, this statement is true no matter what the experience of my life is at any given time. I may not be experiencing this reality personally, but it does not change the truth of it theologically as a blood bought, child of God with Jesus as my personal Saviour. The past several months has been very stressful for me and my family and the past several weeks even more so. However, the Lord allowed me to see a sign on a wall with this same truism written on it to remind me once again of this reality, regardless of if I am experiencing it or not. When I read it, I was reminded of the first time I saw this and how it had blessed me with this reality check, and it was doing the same thing all over again. The fact is, no matter how my life on earth is going, I have the Holy Spirit living within me, who will guide me through life with the truths of the Word of God. I also have the Creator God as my Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and I am surrounded by people who genuinely love and care for me. Therefore, I am truly “Too Blessed to be Stressed,” and if you are born again, so are you. As children of God, we have so much going for us, and we should not let the circumstances of life get us down as much as we do. But, alas, we all too often don’t experience the reality of this truth in our journey of life because the circumstances we are in captivate our attention far too much. We need these little reminders of the truths we know to help us refocus so we can live in the truth of who we are in Christ. We, fathers here today, need to work really hard at this because, as the leaders of our home, we often set the tone as we lead our family through the storms of life. We need to be strong in the Lord with these truths of Scripture so we can be strong for our families in the difficulties life brings our way. I thank you for your prayers on my behalf, and please know I am praying for you to enjoy being “Too Blessed to be Stressed.”