“The Just Shall Live by Faith”

This phrase is used four times in God’s Word. I kind of think that God is trying to get something into our thinking about how to live life here on earth as His children. It is pretty clear that God is calling us to live a life that is against our human nature. It is our natural mindset to live according to our physical abilities and our own understanding. However, God calls His children to live according to a very different philosophy. God wants us to live by trusting Him in every aspect of life. He wants us to live life trusting His Word, His Spirit, and His ability to help us live obediently to Him. Whatever He tells us to do or not to do is possible with His help if we will trust in Him and act in obedience. Every believer is called and commanded by God to do many of the same things. We are all commanded to give of our time, our talents, our treasures, and our testimony; all of which He has entrusted into our care for His glory. However, the reality is that many of God’s children are sinning against Him in these basic areas of obedience. Far too many of the believers on earth today are using the gifts of God entrusted into their care for their own desires, ambitions, and purposes instead of living by faith and being faithful to God. If every believer in Summerville Baptist Church and every other biblical church would live by faith, trusting God and His ability to enable them to obey His Word in these and other areas of life, we would see so much more accomplished for His glory on earth. We are not reaching our full potential as a church here at Summerville. We have people who are not giving the Lord what He is deserving of in their time, talents, treasures, or testimony. They are robbing God of His glory in them and through them unto others. There is so much more we could see accomplished right here in our local ministry as well as in our missions outreach into the world. Would you be willing to live like Joseph and reach the potential that God has placed within your life? Would you be willing to trust Him and obey Him no matter what your circumstances may be? Would you be willing to use part of your time to serve Him? Would you be willing to exercise the gifts and abilities He has given you to serve Him in ministry through His church in this place? Would you be willing to help others hear about how God saved you from the destruction of your sins? Would you be willing to give part of your finances to support His work here and support others doing His work in other places? Would you be willing to live by faith?