The Greatness of God

This week I read in Isaiah 43 and I was blessed to be reminded of the greatness of our God. The true and living God who has communicated to us in His Word, the Bible, is superior to any and every other object of worship. There is no god beside the true God and all other objects of worship are vain, empty, and powerless. This chapter declares the true God is the Creator of all things that exist. He is eternal and existed in eternity before anything else was created by Him. Since He is the Creator of all things and there is no god beside or before Him, then He cannot have been created. This chapter also defines God as being the eternal God and that there is no God before Him. The same day I read that my family and I went up to Anthony Lakes to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We enjoyed an absolutely amazing day in the picturesque setting hiking, fishing, and relaxing. We saw so many different wildflowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. We also saw rocky, majestic mountain peaks and fertile valleys filled with varying types of trees and foliage. We hiked up a bit higher to Hoffer Lakes to enjoy some more of this amazing view. God’s creation is incredible and, as His Word declares in Psalm 19, it displays His handiwork so that every person in every place is witnessed to about the greatness of our God. From microscopic organisms to gigantic stars and planets, our universe displays such amazing precision, exactness, and diversity that it is simply impossible for such design not to have a designer. This designer is the one and only God of the Bible, the Holy One who is eternal and almighty. He not only wants you to know Him as Creator, He also wants you to know Him as personal Saviour and Lord. He has given us His Word to know Him personally and intimately in relationship with Him eternally. This is one of the reasons we have Bible studies for adults, Sunday School for all ages, Bible clubs for children, camp for teens and children, as well as worship. This is also why we are hosting Neighborhood Bible Time this year for our Vacation Bible School. Please pray for God to work mightily through this week of ministry to the children we are blessed to reach and serve. We are delighted to have Bro. Ramirez & Bro. Webb as our Evangelists for this week of Neighborhood Bible Time.