The Fruit of Being in Christ

If a person is truly in Christ, then there will be some evidence of it in their life. If the Spirit of God lives within a person, then He produces His fruit and He indwells us with spiritual gifts to be used in service for God’s glory. Throughout Scripture, we see many statements to the fact that if a person has God’s love in them then that love will be expressed by them unto others for God’s glory. There are many things that are clearly the fruit of being in Christ that will be seen in the life of the true believer. Displaying biblical love is one of them and serving the Lord with your life is another one. There are others to be sure, but these are two that are vivid and hard to deny. When we have been forgiven of our sin debt through the sacrifice Jesus made for us, it is natural to be thankful for such a wonderful blessing. Romans 12:1 tells us that it is our reasonable response to being in Christ to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice in service in our Saviour’s ministry here on earth. Loving God and loving others is stated to be the most important details for the child of God. Being in Christ allows us to have God’s love in us; therefore, that love enables us to love God properly and to love others appropriately. Fruit is evidence of life. Fruit defines without a doubt the type of tree producing the fruit. The product of a plant or life makes it clear what is on the inside of that life producing the fruit. What is my life producing? Does that product clearly display that I am in Christ or does it make it clearer that I am not in Christ? Today, we are looking at the fruit of being in Christ and taking time to examine the fruit of our lives. It is imperative that we listen to the Holy Spirit speak to us as we listen to God’s Word being proclaimed.