“The Anchor of Life”

Psalm 127:3
“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Life is God’s creation. He is the giver of life, and He alone should be the taker of life. This week we had our oldest living Charter Member of Summerville Baptist Church go home to be with the Lord. This week we read of a young man who was killed in Newberg, Oregon who rode the bus to church a few times when he was a boy and later, in his teen years, came to faith in Jesus as his personal Saviour by the witness of one of his friend’s family. I have a dream and a prayer request that we will see historic changes in the laws of our land regarding the sanctity of human life and the protection of our unborn citizens. Life should be seen as a gift from God and be cared for and lived out for His glory and honor. The chief end of man should be to bring glory to our Creator throughout eternity, not to get as much “gusto out of life” as possible. I hope that you have your life anchored in Christ and that you are seeking to bring Him the glory He deserves from you as your Creator. I also hope and pray that we will all see that our value of life needs to come from the giver of life in the Lord God Almighty and what He has to say about life in His unchanging Word. We have seen how God and His Word are immutable and inerrant. God has not, and will not, lie or change about the sanctity of human life, His views on human sexuality, or His views about eternity and our accountability to Him for how we live the life He has given to each of us. I hope that you will take part in our fund raiser for Next Step Pregnancy Information Center and support this ministry that seeks to preserve human life and reach souls with eternal life in Jesus Christ. Let’s all make sure that Jesus is the anchor of our soul and our life.