Still Powerful Today

This week, over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ fulfilled very critical prophetic truths that reinforced the reality of Him being God in the flesh and being the true Messiah from God to man. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus fulfilled the prophetic passages of why He came in human flesh as the incarnate Son of God—prophecies such as is recorded in Isaiah 53 about His suffering and dying for our sins and of His rising from the dead as well. This prophecy was inspired by God to be recorded for man in His Word by Isaiah seven hundred years before it was fulfilled by Jesus Christ this past week in history over two thousand years ago. On this day—not necessarily this date—over two thousand years ago, Jesus fulfilled the final component of redemption for all who will trust Him as their Saviour and become His followers by faith. It was on the first day of the week following Passover after Jesus’ crucifixion that Jesus came forth out of the grave alive once again after being put to death by Roman soldiers who were master of torturously killing people. He arose from the dead victorious over death, sin, and the grave as stated in I Corinthians 15. He was seen by over five hundred people who could testify of His resurrection many years after it happened. He walked on the earth after His death and resurrection forty days in order to make His resurrection from the dead one of the most verifiable facts of recorded history. This entire event of history is an amazing, miraculous event. Not only is it a miraculous event in that it took place, but it is also a miraculous event in that it still has power to impact people like nothing else today. Today, if any person will realize their sinful condition by nature and admit their sinfulness by their own deeds they can benefit from this miraculous event in their own lives miraculously. If any person will admit their sinfulness to God and put their faith in what Jesus did for them on the cross as a sacrifice for their own sins and receive His eternal life that His resurrection verifies, they can be born spiritually alive in Christ eternally. Any sinner that does this—not in a physical, metaphorical, or even ritualistic way, but rather by faith alone in Christ alone based upon the Bible alone—can experience the power of God in their life making them a child of God, fully accepted into His family as a joint heir with His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. This miraculous event that happened over two thousand years ago can become a miraculous event in their own life personally today by faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Do you have that, or do you need that in your life today?