Spreading God’s Word

According to so many statements in the Bible, this is the responsibility of every true believer and every truly biblical church. It is up to us to be obedient to what God has said to us in His Word for us to do with His Word. The problem is this: Are we really submitted to and understanding of what He says in His Word? It saddens me how many people have been saved for years, yet are so lacking in their awareness of what God actually says in His Word about basic doctrines, how He wants His children to live, and what He expects from our lives while here on earth. People talk like and live like God is oblivious of our lives and is okay with whatever we do as long as we are not too bad. My friend, God has far greater interest in, awareness of, and hopes for you and your life than that. The sad fact is that some even here today will not take this admonition seriously enough to make needed changes in their lives, and one day they will answer to the Lord for something that could have been handled now. It is up to God’s people, in God’s churches, to make sure they are investing in and taking part in the spreading of God’s Word to others around the world. We need to invest in the production and distribution of Scripture around the world; while at the same time being personally engaged in seed sowing of His Word here locally where we live. It is sad how many believers are not doing this and do not even seem to be concerned about changing their disobedience. In every church, including our church here, there are people who never give to missions, never give to special projects to ministries that print Bibles to distribute around the world through missionaries such as the one represented today through Bro. & Sister Furse and, sadly, do not even give in the general offering of their own church in which they are a member. The sad part is what is being missed out on by their disobedience. God is not being glorified as He could be in their lives, they are not being blessed as they could be by God, and lost people are not being reached who could be if more people were engaged. If you think this is an effort to manipulate, then you really do not know me well or the Scriptures well. My concern is for God’s glory, your blessings, and souls to be reached with the truth of God’s Word. I am not responsible for what anyone does but myself. But I am responsible for challenging all who are in my care to be prepared for their own accountability to the Lord. What you do with it is between you and God. We all answer to Him!