Seize the Moment!

This week we have a wonderful opportunity that is set before us. It is like any other opportunity in which we must act upon it in order to take advantage of it. For twenty-seven years, God has been giving His church in this place this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of His servants throughout the Northwest and beyond. This week during the twenty-eight year, we have a new opportunity to be His servants and serve in the lives of others to have an impact for His glory. We need to anchor ourselves in the will of God for all of His children. God wants His children to serve Him and be used for His glory in the lives of others. This week we can do just that. The Northwest Bible Conference is a great opportunity to serve the Lord in the lives of His servants. But if you do not act upon it, it will pass you by. There are so many ways for you to serve and benefit from this wonderful event, but again you must act in order to benefit. We want to encourage everyone to attend as much of the conference as you are able to benefit from by being present. We have wonderful preachers who will be preaching great truths from the precious Word of God. We need people to provide food for the meals that will be offered to our guests. We need servers for each meal and clean-up crews after each meal. We need people to help get the auditorium picked up after each service. We need helpers in the nursery, in the children’s program on Tuesday morning, and activities on Tuesday afternoon. We also need helpers to get everything back in order on Wednesday morning before our Wednesday services take place. Opportunities only come to us once and after that it is gone forever and only a memory. The sad reality is that so many will miss out completely on this event and will miss letting God use it in their lives and use their lives for His glory in it. I hope you will enjoy it, benefit from it, and seize the opportunity God is offering to you.