“Saved, Sealed, & Secured in Christ”

When a repentant sinner embraces Christ as their personal Saviour, they are entering into an eternal relationship with the eternal God of Heaven. They are being placed in Christ by acknowledging their sinfulness, His sacrifice to cleanse them, and His righteousness that they need to be accepted into God’s family. Not only are they saved from God’s eternal judgment on their sin, they are also being sealed eternally by God’s Holy Spirit as He indwells them. According to Ephesians 1:13, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit when we put our faith in Christ as our Saviour based upon the truth of the gospel message recorded in God’s Word. According to Ephesians 1:14, God gives us His Holy Spirit as a guarantee that He will complete our salvation and take us home to Heaven to live with Him eternally. This promise from God of the security of the born-again believer in Jesus Christ is also stated clearly in Ephesians 4:30, where God has Paul record that we are sealed by God’s Spirit until He comes back for those who have received Christ by faith. That is what is meant by “the day of redemption” phrase, which refers to Jesus taking what is His out of this world and giving us the next part of God’s redemptive plan when we receive our new, glorified body to match our glorified soul. For every believer, our soul is as holy and righteous as it will ever be right now, because God’s Spirit is living in it. But our fleshly body is still corrupted by sin, temporal, and needing to be changed into an eternal body. This is also what Jesus paid for in His resurrection, and it is a part of our redemption that is yet to come as stated in Romans 8:11 & 23, as well as in I Corinthians 15. It is Jesus’ victory over death not only for Himself in His resurrection, but also for those who have believed on and in Him as their Saviour. This is even prophesied about in Hosea 13:14, which is all the result of what Jesus did for us over two thousand year ago this week. It was this week of Passover when Jesus accomplished our full redemption in His suffering and His sacrifice for our sins on the cross as well as His resurrection. He redeemed our soul, our body, and even creation itself awaits its own benefit from His redemptive work when it will be made new as well.