Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

Psalm 118:23
“This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.”

The 2018 Northwest Bible Conference has come and gone and is now part of the history of Summerville Baptist Church. It was truly a historic event that was well worth the effort to be part of for all who were. We set several records this year for as long as I have been tracking the details. God answered every one of the things we prayed for and asked Him to do for us, and I am very thankful for how greatly He blessed our offering to Him. The spirit of the services was such a blessing to my heart, and the fellowship of the preachers and church members was sweet to see. The preaching was clearly Spirit-filled, and God lead and the fruit from it, in the invitations, was evident of that fact. The afternoon ladies’ session was especially exceptional this year, and I am glad that the Lord laid it on our hearts to focus on blessing the wives of the preachers this year with gifts of encouragement. Many preachers came to me and personally thanked me for our church blessing their wife. There were some records set this year for which I praise God for His working in the conference in this way. This year 86 preachers joined together in attendance representing 52 different churches from the northwest and beyond. Even though we did not have a record setting year of attendance in general, all of those totals are record setting since my time here. Another record for which I am thankful is that God surpassed our prayer for $15,000.00 in giving to meet the needs of preachers. Between what was pledged and what was given as undesignated giving to needs, God has brought in over $16,000.00, so far, to help meet the needs of 10 different preachers that we presented this year in the conference. Several of the needs presented were fully funded and the others were substantially helped. On top of all of this, God laid it on one preacher’s heart to meet the need of another preacher for a cargo trailer to help him as he is planting a church with the Lord in his community. Thank you to everyone that prayed for, served in, and attended the services of the Bible Conference this year. I look forward to the fruit that God is going to bring forth in the lives of our church family as a result of their involvement. I stand amazed at the blessings of the Lord in all that He did in our midst this year, and I hope that you join with me in praising Him for His great blessings!