Over 60 Years of God’s Ministry

Today, we are honored to have the oldest charter member of Summerville Baptist Church in our presence. Deleva Hills was one of the early souls saved here in the ministry as a result of bringing her children to Bible school and Sunday school and hearing the Gospel proclaimed from God’s Word. For over sixty years, God has been working in the hearts of children, teens, and adults as His servants have faithfully and prayerfully proclaimed the truths of His Word. Hundreds of people have passed through the doors over the years to be impacted by His work from this lighthouse of faith. Many have not allowed the fruit to be produced in their lives that could have been brought forth. However, many others have yielded to God working through His Word they heard here and have not only come to know the Lord more personally but also have been used of God wonderfully in the lives of others. Some have even left this place to serve the Lord in other places remaining faithful to God and His Word and the work He did in them while they were in this ministry. For over sixty years, God has used His people in this place to obediently give to His work here locally and around the world through missions giving. Hundreds of missionaries, families, and agencies have been supported from God’s people here to further His work in eternal souls beyond the Grande Ronde Valley. My prayer and desire is that the people who make up this body of believers currently will be faithful to keep it going faithfully to the Lord until He returns for us. While we are here, it is our responsibility to make sure we stay obedient to the mandate He has given to each of His followers and each of His churches. We must obediently gather in worship, faithfully listen to His Word, tenderly yield to His Spirit, thankfully give from His blessings to us, diligently search the Scriptures to be true to them, powerfully use the gifts He has given to us in His ministry for His glory, lovingly proclaim His saving Gospel to those who need to receive it, give Him praise and glory for how He uses it and blesses it for Him. If this church is going to keep moving forward obediently to the Lord and faithfully with the Lord, it is up to the people that are part of it to do so. The church is the people who make it up, therefore, we each must do our part to keep it faithful and obedient to God’s will and Word.