Living Like a Child of God

When it comes to living life God’s way, we humans are very ill equipped to do so on our own. Our flesh, our nature, our pride, our society, and our ancestry all work against us to make living life God’s way a very daunting endeavor in our own efforts. We often fail to be realistic about ourselves when it comes to living life. We often think too highly of ourselves in our flesh, as warned against in Romans 12:3, or we sale ourselves short of our potential with God’s help according to Mark 10:27, Philippians 4:13, & II Peter 1:3. In every relationship of life, living God’s way is the best way to relate with other people and the only way to bring the glory God deserves from our lives. For any of us to be the person God’s Word instructs us to be, we must let God work in us to help us be that person. For us to be the spouse God has called us to be, we must yield to His work in us through His Word and His Spirit. For our parenting to meet the expectations of Scripture, we will have to yield to God’s Spirit enabling us to behave according to His Word in order to see His fruit produced in the lives of our children. For us to be the students, workers, or even friends that God calls us to be in His Word, we must have Him working in us through His Spirit and His Word for us to have the positive, godly, and eternal impact on the lives of others He desires for us. If we are going to live the way God wants us to, then we must see ourselves through the lens of His Word, His Spirit, and His love in order for us to have an accurate perspective of ourselves. God knows that while we are living on earth, in our fleshly bodies, surrounded by sin and sinners, we will not be perfect. This is why He has designed His redemptive plan to provide forgiveness for us to be part of His family and to keep our relationship with Him close and intimate. If we are not careful, any one of us can get a lofty view of ourselves in so much that we fail to see our own sins against God and our offenses to others. When this happens, we fail to make things right in repentance or apologizing so there becomes hindrances in our relationships with God and others. Let me challenge you to ask a few questions of yourself. When was the last time you repented of a specific sin to God? When was the last time you were grieved in your soul about your own sin against God? When was the last time you asked another person to forgive you of your sin against them? When was the last time you admitted you were wrong in a specific conflict? When was the last time you apologized for a misunderstanding you had with another person or a mistake you were responsible for? If it has been a while, you may want to think about that. Either you are pretty perfect or you are just ignoring the reality of the hindrances in your relationship. None of us are really that perfect, now are we?