“Life Can Get Complicated”

I have always encouraged my children to keep life simple. However, no matter how hard you try, sometimes life can get complicated and challenging even when you are trying to keep it simple. I personally do not understand why some people seem to choose to make life harder than it needs to be. We all know people, and some may be here today, that seem to enjoy keeping their life on the edge of disaster, stirred up with turmoil, and filled with drama. I like things a bit more boring than that, personally. In reality, we do not need to add to the drama of life because life has more than enough drama all on its own. The fewer broken or strained relationships the better in my opinion. Living within your income so you have less debt, less junk, and less burden seems to make for less stress, less mess, and less hindrances to actually living out God’s will for our lives. Just living on this sin cursed earth among sinners and as a sinner creates enough complications without trying to add to it. Having a job and relating to people in general has plenty of challenges. Marriage is a wonderful relationship but not without its own unique challenges. With marriage often comes children, and they are truly a blessing that we have been entrusted with from God. However, they are also a responsibility in our lives for which we must care. Being born again into God’s family eternally is an awesome privilege to be sure, but it too brings with it responsibilities unto God. However, the alternative is far worse for any one. Just living in our fallen bodies in a fallen world with diseases, deterioration, and eventually death creates plenty of challenges all on its own. I am thankful that with all of life’s challenges and complications—whether they be self-induced, caused by others, or just because of life—God promises that His grace is sufficient for our every need and He is with us in every trial. Today, we will continue our transition of sermon series from the “In Christ” series to “Living Life God’s Way” series. There is a popular slogan around these days “You Do You” and I want to challenge us to reword that a bit more biblical with “You Do His You.” Let God work in your heart and be faithful to let His Word speak to you in each service as we embark on this new journey of learning and growing in Christ and His will for our lives.