Let the Children Come

I want to thank every person that spent time this week praying for the ministry to children and teens in our valley. We had a wonderful week of Neighborhood Bible Time for our Vacation Bible School and the Fortress Frenzy Youth Revival. I also thank each person that took their efforts a step further by actually making the ministry take place. There is no ministry that takes place in any church in any part of the world without servants who are willing to serve and let the Lord use their lives for His work. Everyone has schedules and things that they need to do, but to make things happen in life you just have to decide which priorities you are going to make fit into your schedule. I am also thankful for several people who served not only in the morning in VBS, but also in the evening in the Youth Revival in double duty through a busy week. I want to thank each person that took part to see God work in the hearts and lives of the next generation and the fruit He brought forth in professions of faith, new contacts made, reconnection with people from the past, and reports of future visitors coming to see more about the Lord’s church in this place. If we really care about the future of our nation and the future of our churches, then we must invest ourselves, our ministry, and our dollars in the future generations. If we want the blessings of Heaven on our church, then we must care about what Jesus clearly cared about when He was here on earth. Words are not enough; we must put what we say into our actions by actually taking part in the work of ministering to future generations and actually giving dollars to the cost of ministering to these members of future generations as well. If Jesus said let the children come to Him, then we should help the children come to him. If Jesus desired to bless the children, then we should help children be blessed by Jesus in their lives. If you want to experience a special blessing from Jesus in your own life, then help children come into a personal connection with Jesus in their own lives. As the Bible declares us older generations need to reach and teach the younger generations.