Incarnation Celebration

This truly is the heart of what Christmas is really about. It is the worship and celebration of God coming in human form so that He could die for our sins in order to offer mankind His forgiveness, His righteousness, and His eternal life. We absolutely could not ever accomplish any of this on our own or earn it through our efforts. In fact, the only thing we bring to the equation of our redemption is our sin. We bring our need and He provides the entire solution. Without His provision, all we would have is our sinfulness, our brokenness, and our separation from Him eternally. It is amazing to think that God the Son would sacrifice His eternal place in Heaven in order to take upon Himself our humanness and become like us so He could take our place in the penalty for our sins. He was tempted to sin like we are, but He never sinned like we do far too often. He experienced many other things on earth that He never had to deal with in Heaven. Things like hunger, pain, suffering, limitations, losses, separation from the Godhead, and physical death. The incarnation is not only an amazing truth it is also a miraculous theology. It is the heart and soul of every thing involved in the theology of Salvation or Soteriology. True followers of Christ need to keep Christ the focal point of our incarnation celebration because that truly is what Christmas was originally and should still be today. God’s Word calls us to be separate from the world and in our Christmas celebration we should never let secularism and commercialism highjack Christmas from the glory to God in Highest it truly should be for believers. Let us all make our Christmas celebrations truly the celebration of the Incarnation of Christ.