Impacting Our Nation and World

This week we will celebrate the birth of our nation. I hope you will join us here on the church property for a potluck BBQ to celebrate, praise, and pray for our nation as a church family. Can you imagine the world situation over the past two hundred plus years without the United States of America? If America had not been birthed just think of how many places Communism would control and how many people groups would not be free people. Think of all the lives that would have been spared from famines that we have sent aid to over the years. Can you imagine living in a nation like North Korea, China, Cuba, or even the former Soviet Union? Can you imagine a world where you were put to death if you did not follow Islam? Freedom is a wonderful gift that we have been given, but we must never forget the brave men and women who purchased and protected our freedoms with their very lives. Most of our founding father lived out their own prophetic declaration when they pledged their lives and fortunes to the freedom of these United States. God has blessed America over the centuries because America was began based on principles to bless God. If we are truly going to make America great again we must go back to what made America great in the first place. As the quote ascribed to French historian Alexis de Tocqueville goes, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” If we are going to really make America great again, then we must strive to make America good again. If the country of America is going to be good so it can be great, then the citizen of America must be good. For any people to truly be good then we need to change from the inside out. From our nature to our existence. And that my friend is impossible apart from the new life that is only offered in Christ by knowing Him personally and intimately by faith found only in His Word.