Hope for the Future Romans 8:21-27

When we hope for something, it is not yet realized. When it becomes reality, it is no longer hoped for, but now it is experienced. Hope motivates us to press on in order to experience something in the future. Hope causes us to keep trying, pushing, and seeking to achieve the reality of what is being hoped for. The hope to hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant,” motivates us to seek to be faithful to the Lord and His will for our lives while we are here on earth. The hope to grow in the Lord causes us to spend time in the Word, in prayer, in meditation, and in worship in order to see God mature our faith to new heights in our lives for His glory. Hope is what keeps us praying, witnessing, and being a testimony in living life until we see our friends, loved ones, neighbors, coworkers, or even strangers come to faith in Christ. Hope is what makes an athlete work and sacrifice to train in order to experience success. Hope for a good grade is what makes a student study material in preparation for a test in order to realize their hope. Hope is about the future and seeking something that has not been achieved yet. When we live in the past, letting our previous successes or failures limit us in our achievement in the future, progress will not be made in life. Too many people are allowing things that can’t be changed to keep them from changing what can be changed. None of us can change the events of the past, but we can all make some changes in the events of our futures. It is critical that true followers of Christ let Him be their Good Shepherd to lead them in His will for their lives. We must not allow Satan to steal from us the hope of the future our Shepherd desires to lead us into by holding us in bondage by our own failures or the failures of others that have hurt us in the past. We must decide to receive God’s grace into our lives and let that grace help us heal from the hurts of the past and learn from the failures of the past, so we can experience the great things God wants to do with us in the future. Today, I pray that God will give you hope for the future by being anchored in Christ in your life.