“Happy Mother’s Day”

Mothers are a vital part of each and every one of our lives. God’s Word makes the role of women in the world, in a marriage, and in a child’s life a priceless influence. Without a mother, none of us would be here today, because she was the beginning of each of our lives. Research has taught us that a mom has a huge impact on a child for their entire life. The nurturing of a good mother in the life of a child has a hugely positive and strengthening influence to prepare a child for adult life. However, unfortunately, the converse is equally as true in a negative way. A child that is neglected by their mother or mistreated by her will often struggle with the negative impact of that into their future. A good mother helps her daughter learn how to be a lady, a wife, or a mother. A good mother helps her son learn how to treat a lady and relate well to their own wife in the future. Paul uses the metaphor of a mother caring for her children to describe how he and his evangelistic team entered into the city of Thessalonica to begin their church planting ministry recorded for us in I Thessalonians 2. A child needs a good mother, just as much as a good dad. Our nation needs women of virtue who will help raise decent citizens just as much as it needs men of integrity who will raise citizens of honor. Our churches need godly women who will use their gifts to strengthen their church ministry and who will mentor young ladies to help them grow in their faith as faithful servants of the Lord. Women are vitally important and should be honored for their role in our lives, our churches, our communities, and our nation.