God’s Will for Every Believer

We are so thankful and blessed to have Bro. Greg & Sis. Tina Adams with us today. They are wonderful and gracious servants of the Lord and have been for so many years. Their life is in transition right now, because the Lord is changing how they are serving Him into the future. For the past thirty years, they have been serving at Greater Portland Baptist Church ministering to the teens in that church family. Before that, God’s will for them was to serve Him in youth ministry in a church near Savannah, GA; and before that, they were serving the Lord while they were training for their future ministry. There is a common theme in this matter of God’s will for their life now and then, just as it is with every child of God. God’s will for every saved person is to serve Him with their life that He has redeemed from the destruction of sin. God’s will for every person before being saved is that they would hear the Gospel message, so they can understand it and believe on Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. See, the place of our service and the way in which we serve may change over time, but the fact that we are serving should never change. My Christian life has seen many changes over the years as well. In high school and in college, I served in bus ministry, children’s church, Sunday school, and Teri and I served together in the toddler nursery for a while when we were married students in college. After college, we moved to Indiana where we served ministering to teens and children for twelve years, which was God’s will for our lives during that time. But He made it vividly clear to us that He was wrapping things up there for us and that He wanted us to move here to serve in the leadership of this wonderful church family at Summerville. See, God’s will for all of His children is for them to serve Him thankfully and obediently. The details of how and where we serve may change and morph as time goes on, but the what of His will should never change. Are you doing God’s will for your life? Are you truly serving Him with the gifts and abilities He has given you to use for His glory here on earth? Do you truly believe you are doing what He wants you to be doing, in the place He wants you to be doing it, and in the way that He wants it to be done? God’s will is never for us to be idle, lazy, lethargic, or carnal as His children. He wants all of His children to fulfill the potential and purpose that He placed within them as long as they have life to live.