God Has Been So Good to Us All

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf here in St. Mary’s. God has been working and blessing in wonderful ways. The handicap access ramp project is going very well and will easily be completed by the time we leave, which was our main goal. Pastor Warren was able to lead a young man to the Lord on Tuesday, for which we praise the Lord. The Bible clubs are going well, and we are seeing new children each day. Sister Warren says some of the children are new to their ministry, and we hope they will keep coming on Sundays. Wednesday was a difficult day for the Gross’s with the passing of Bro. Ken Gross, but, as Greg said, they had a wonderful life together, and we will see him again in Heaven. We all shed tears and prayed together on Wednesday. Bro. Ken Gross was a faithful follower of Jesus, and he has left us all a good legacy to follow. Sin is everywhere, and Satan is aggressively at work in these native villages. Rape and child molestations are normally higher in these bush villages than the rest of Alaska, but they have increased even more since the internet has become available in these remote areas. Bro. Warren and I travelled 40 miles round trip on a four-wheeler on Thursday to visit two men in Mountain Village. One was contemplating suicide and asked us to come counsel with him, but before we arrived he cancelled because he had talked to a witch doctor before we arrived. The other one is in the bondage of alcohol, and it is destroying his life, his family, and his marriage. Even after sharing the Gospel with him he still said he was not ready to change his life with Jesus. Even with Satan having victories through sin destroying lives, I praise God for the victories He is accomplishing through the Warrens being in this place. The Warrens are earning the trust of the people of St. Mary’s and the other villages as well. Souls are coming to faith in Christ. A couple who have been living together out of marriage have moved apart, doing premarital counseling, and getting married later this month. People are finding victory over alcohol, drugs, sexual sin, and many other bondages of Satan through faith in Jesus Christ. One man recently trusted Christ who vowed never to enter a church of any kind again because of the corruption and abuse he saw and experienced growing here under the Russian Orthodox church. Praise the Lord truth is more powerful than deception. Praise the Lord for the worthy investment of our Faith Missions support going to the Warren family here in St. Mary’s and to our other Missionaries around the world. The more we give to Faith Missions, the more Missionary families we can support in other parts of the world to obediently do our part in sending the Gospel forth to the uttermost part of the earth. If you do not currently give to Missions, I would invite you to begin giving an offering above your tithe to Missions in obedience to God’s Word to help us support more good Missionaries in new parts of the world. Please keep praying as we travel home on Monday and Tuesday. God bless you all.